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Guidelines for Special Caliper Production


Plan ahead for production time of between 8 to 14 weeks.

If new inserts need to be engraved and the caliper will be painted, allow for the full 14 weeks -for up to the first ten thousand calipers. Without new inserts or painting of calipers, production takes about eight weeks. (Production times are estimates, provided no unforeseen contingencies arise.)

Camera-ready artwork/lettering is required for the production of the insert(s). Copy needs to be the exact size of the final production of the insert with some space around the border.

The 70 mm
arm insert is I and 15/16th inches by 7/32ntis. This insert can accept between 16 and 20 characters, depending on their size. (For quantities over 100,000, the double cavity mold insert space is 3 and 3/8ths inches on this arm - allowing at least 25 characters.

The align arrows arm insert is 2 and 11/16th inches by 1/4th inch and can accept between 22 and 30 characters, depending on the size/style of the letters. (There are other alternatives that have yet to be tried including smaller lettering with two lines per insert.)

Consider your options for the two arms of the caliper. Your corporate name, product, address or phone number may generate future business.

To assist in production, fill in the page with the blank caliper on it. Print the exact way the inserts are to appear on the caliper: Include your name and phone number in case last minute questions arise. Sign she sheet and return it with your order and camera-ready copy.

Production run quantities are calculated estimates within 2% of the ordered quantity. You are requested to purchase the entire production run of these specially produced calipers.


For each new insert there is a one-time cost of $200. Inserts generally last for more than 100,000 calipers. (If you choose the "fat caliper" or "skinfold caliper' insert for the align arrows arm, there is a one time $50 use charge.)

A 50% deposit is required for a special production run. Production of the special caliper cannot begin until we have received the deposit. The balance, plus shipping, is due 30 days after delivery.


Shipping is done by surface U.P.S., unless otherwise specified. Cost varies by weight and zone, but usually between 2% to 4% of the production cost.

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Fat Control, Inc.
Stewartstown, PA 17363
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Our Primary Product:
the Fat Control Skinfold Calipers
with Fat Fat Fat included!

Book and Caliper



The Fat Control Caliper is a relatively unbreakable, precision instrument for clear, precise skinfold measurements. It is produced from a one-piece injection mold. All of the markings on the caliper are engraved into the mold so that every caliper is identical and consistent in accuracy. (Other calipers hot stamp the marking onto the caliper after it's molded, sometimes resulting in slight variations.) The Fat Control Caliper is manufactured from a special, resilient duPont material. Under normal use, even if dropped or stretched, it will not break. If it does, return the pieces for a replacement within three years after purchase.

The Fat Control Caliper is accurate to within one mm of the $175 spring-loaded, scientific calipers. The Fat Control Caliper has no springs to weaken or pop out. A unique thumb pressure device gives a consistent pressure at the tip for reliable measurements. Because of the resiliency of the duPont material, thousands of measurements can be taken without thumb fatigue from the thumb pressure device.

The 24-page, illustrated Instruction Manual is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to using the Fat Control Caliper. Photographs identify the sites, and shaded charts allow for easy interpretation of the skinfolds by sex and age groups. The Fat Control Caliper is compatible with AAHPERD's Fitness Test Manual and national Fitnessgram materials.


Quantity educational and distributor discounts are available upon request. Click here for details.


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